Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The D & O Diary Has Moved!

I am proud to announce that as of today, February 13, 2008, The D & O Diary has relocated to a new and improved website, here. The new site not only has an upgraded look and feel, it also has a number of improved features, such as the ability to print individual posts in a printer-friendly format

All e-mail and RSS Feed subscribers should automatically have their subscriptions transferred over. You should continue to receive emails or feeds when I add a new post at the new site. Unfortunately, those of you who have linked to this site on your Favorites or Bookmarks page will need to change the links to the new site, which can be found at this address:

Any reader having access or subscription issues as result of The D & O Diary’s relocation to the new site should please let me know right away at and I will try to fix the problem.

Anyone who would like to receive email notifications of new posts on the new site should use the "Subscribe" dialog box in the right-hand column on the new site’s home page. Just enter your email address in the dialog box, hit enter, and follow the instructions. You must click on the link in the confirmatory email to activate your email subscription.

All of my prior posts will remain available on this site, but I have also ported over all of the prior content from this site to the new site. I will not be adding any new posts to this site. I will have a "Posts of Interest" function in the right hand column of the new site, which will link to popular posts in the their new location on the new site (such as my list of subprime-related lawsuits or my lists of options backdating related lawsuits and case resolutions).

I hope everyone will come and visit The D & O Diary on its new site, here. I welcome your comments and reactions. Thanks to everyone who visited The D & O Diary here at its original home. Hope to see you all on the other site.



Blogger bestonline323 said...

for some reason i cant get into the relocation D&O diary! help!

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